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Good sound insulation of wood composite doors
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Buy windows and doors not only to take into account factors such as energy conservation and environmental protection, and also taking into account the sound insulation of windows and doors. How noisy noisy environment alone owned a quiet space, quiet and welcoming learning rest, choose a good sound insulation door is crucial.

     The effect of noise is mainly reflected in the doors and windows, is also very important to choose the right in the election in front of a good sealed windows.
     The experts suggest, is that it's sealed, the sound insulation of windows users to buy windows sealed can check the product test reports. How to identify the tightness is good or bad? Degree of sealing of the borders and the window frames in the windows sealed and closing windows, windows installed with the degree of sealing of the wall and so affect the sound insulation of windows. Also its effect of noise in the glass of the hollow structure has a great influence.
     Next is the better of a soundproof door.
     The pros and cons of a door sound insulation depends primarily on its core filler door.
     Molded door core paper-based to fill soundproof doors can effectively cut off the sound of 29 dB. Filled with high quality particleboard door core door can effectively cut off the sound of 32 dB.
     In a wide variety of door styles, solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors are sound insulation better door. They density, the weight of the sink and the door plate thickness. Also, door panels on both sides of the printed pattern door to more effective noise isolation than smooth door, because the pattern can play a certain role of sound-absorbing and blocking sound waves.
     In addition, around the door affixed with the seal of the fire doors also has a very good sound insulation.
     The installed door Door sealed also have a great impact on the effect of noise.
     For expert advice, install the door is best installed by experienced professionals.
     The same time, if the window frame and sash of plastic doors and windows a whole, between the horizontal and vertical material does not exist with the gap, to eliminate the possibility of air through the cross feed and vertical feed angle side stitching.


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