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Chinese wooden doors when abandoned plagiarism as
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Wooden door industry in China, only to grasp the product upgrade 'Highlands' leading the way to become the 'leader'.

Innovations include many ways, the key lies in product innovation and marketing innovation. Held in March '2009 wood industry brand strategy and sustainable development Summit ', experts on the doors of the product design and marketing model innovation suggestions:

Product design

Product style, fashion trends and grasp. To comply with the 'the wooden doors aesthetics' the concept of major French romantic, modern fashion, American Pastoral, elegant white and black, neo-classical, post luxurious, Southeast Asian, Persian exotic, futuristic.

Improve the ability to use new building materials. Supporting the use of new materials is a shortcut for wooden doors design, such as the new glass technology, new sheet metal, features handles, supporting hardware, seal, Art locks, creative paint effects and so on.

The wooden doors utilitarian prominent innovation, such as professional the prominent seismic, sound insulation, waterproofing, insulation, wind, thermal insulation aspects as well as 100% healthy wooden doors are broken down mining market.

Product line, diversify. Such as high-grade solid wood doors, the midrange solid wood composite door, low-grade plywood door, stair railing comprehensive launched, both for businesses and widen the road, but also a source of profit for dealers to expand, reduce dealers survive in the economic crisis risk.

About Marketing

The formation of a strategic marketing alliance to expand the brand tension. Form of alliance can be differentiated brand alliances with industry, cross-industry alliance on downstream demand and supply partner alliances, engage in interactive marketing, resource sharing, improve customer awareness, creating results and brand resonance effect.

Vigorously develop Internet marketing. Network Marketing has a wide range of speed, low cost, companies are not subject to the absolute limit of their own scale, have equal access to information and equal to show their strengths. It can make a small business to quickly expand awareness, network e-marketing is the unique 'weapon' of the SME. Beijing the TATA wooden door is through a successful rise in network marketing brand.

Recurrent preparing for promotion. Promotion is not a panacea, but promotion is not enough. Good promotion of four points to note: one is ready to be sufficient; Do not compete on price, promotional Be creative; manufacturers and distributors to meet the interactive, double benefits, the ones who enjoy the benefits on to consumers.

Comments: The "brain" enterprise to the "brain" enterprise transformation, imitate others, how can stride forward, unique way to stand out.


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