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China wooden door industry: three roads to ensure courage
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High-speed operation of the market, the new thinking in the import, the new mode dominate. Period of expansion in the door industry, Chuan door Where is the way? Moment of transition in the enterprise, go its own way, no way out for others, or go its own way, and let others follow you. Chinese door industry, there is no retreat, will be all the way forward.

Road: grasp the production shut strengthen management items

Chinese wooden door industry, mostly family-owned business in the early growth stages can make full use of the advantage of low labor costs, and to a certain size still did not manage reform, a lot of defects on the exposed. Production is important, however, the relevant term optimization and development of the management is imperative.

Lesson guide for the future, many cases have shown that companies the focus on the expansion of production scale, regardless of the construction of soft power, the consequences are serious lag significantly. Chinese door industry, to establish a good management mechanism, is imperative.

Hard power and soft power, with both hands, Civilization. Enterprises should pay full attention to the training of personnel and reserve personnel to strengthen the construction of reserve labor resources, to establish personnel echelon and Technology echelon. Production development, give full play to the advantages and the role of human resources, and let the wisdom of realization among the upgrading and expansion of the sales.

Perfect reward system, the implementation of the evaluation subjects and responsibilities. To motivate the mediocre rewards advanced. TATA doors several years of development history, we can say is a the "subtraction peel" process, to the present, TATA has succeeded in logistics, services, and part of the production stripping, responsibility to the people of the various parts of a clear division of labor, to enable enterprises to achieve a stability, a high degree of specialization, cooperation objectives. The cornerstone of structural integrity, people-oriented, integrity first. Trade on the basis of integrity, but also to promote and support the development of trade key. Whose products allow consumers to buy comfortable, must be assured.

Reviews: commanding the overall situation, in order to move chess set; strategizing to winning a thousand miles.

Road two: breakthrough cottage become innovative road

Chinese wooden doors all the way to the front line, the road twists and turns, ups and downs heavily, product homogeneity serious and caused by fierce competition, bear the brunt. Out of the doors of the development of deformity misunderstanding, breaking the cottage, and become innovative road. Innovation involves many aspects, the key lies in product innovation.

Product innovation is a long process. The primary realization of the elements, the innovation of the product style. Grasp the popular trend to control cultural connotations, wandering around in the French romantic, modern fashion, American Pastoral, running between elegant white and black, showing neoclassical prominent after luxury.

Secondly, the need to achieve the ability to use the product integration. Supporting the use of new materials is a shortcut for wooden doors design, such as the new glass technology, new sheet metal, features handles, supporting hardware, seal, Art locks, creative paint effects and so on. Course, the wooden doors utilitarian prominent innovation is also an important aspect of professional prominent seismic, sound insulation, waterproofing, insulation, wind, thermal insulation aspects as well as 100% health and environmental protection doors, etc. can all be broken down mining market.

Finally, the product line, diversify. Such as high-grade solid wood doors, the midrange solid wood composite door, low-grade plywood door, stair railing comprehensive launched, both for businesses and widen the road, but also a source of profit for dealers to expand, reduce dealers survive in the economic crisis risk.

Comments: The "brain" enterprise to the "brain" enterprise transformation, imitate others, how can stride forward, unique way to stand out.

Small workshop of the road three: refused brand

China Timber Circulation Association Wooden Door Commission Secretary-General Wang Yonglin sell wooden products with the "troika" to describe: the retail market, engineering and export. In recent years, the international and domestic markets continue to restrict the import and export of wood products trading and adjust to the rapid reduction of corporate profits, do well the domestic retail market will quickly lose the advantage under adverse conditions of the current financial crisis, the brand has been functioning without delay. In the recently held "2009 Chinese wooden Development Forum" on the doors of businesses in China, industry experts and entrepreneurs how to establish brand depth study and research: must do a scientific correct assessment and positioning the enterprise comprehensive strength, blind decision caused both to prevent blind expansion, but also full of confidence, to be targeted, establish brand awareness; extensive and in-depth full investigation of the target market, we must clarify the market's demand for information, consumer habits, and form their own brand advantage; strengthen quality control, improve service quality, develop the market with quality, service maintains a network, quality and service is the business basis for the survival in the market; strengthen the external influence of the brand, the sublimated into a long-term foreign trade trade strategic cooperation and establish long-term trade platform, the Chinese wooden enterprises to go abroad.

Review: The brand is industry prosperous and powerful integrated direction, Ebb Tide, only by adhering to the brand to filling a hero.


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