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Teach you doors optional tips!
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Doors as the facade of the home decoration, choose to make the bedroom the effect of icing on the cake. Steel doors, metal door, PVC door and other doors on the market, many consumers will be a wide variety of doors to get dazzled, I consulted with the staff of the Taurus home building materials, in order to help consumers buy the good wooden doors . Price and quality wooden doors prices echoes to determine the quality quality and useful life of the wooden doors. At present, the doors of the market is generally divided into three grades, the process composite doors or composite doors, prices are generally lower, surface mount wood paper or PVC or other resin materials within the departments core Australian pine board or wood panels, multilayer constitute, wood keel in the middle to do the skeleton or thin steel production, less product color, color distortion, but the lower prices are still able to meet part of the needs of consumers. Solid wood composite or pure wood composite doors, door intermediate 2 cm fir, and again in the the fir two faces MDF; door panel middle made of particle board or multilayer even wood, plywood or veneer in its textured paper, monotonous style nor environmentally friendly, and some lines also uses MDF veneer made. Door core material for the fir finger joint board, and then the access panel cover solid wood panel or veneer, this solid wood the review panel door quality and environmental protection index are good, there is no impact on human health, solid wood doors of superior products. Pure solid wood doors solid wood doors in high-end products for quality and environmental protection, according to the species of timber to make hundreds of timber material, this door material is good, the price is high, suitable for sales of high-grade people living needs. The colors line with bedroom shades wooden door the facade decorations belonging to the family, so associated with home furniture, wall paint, window cover, dumb. Relative doors when the bedroom environment is warm, you can choose a warmer color, such as red cherry, rosewood, Ash, red sandalwood, teak, Sapele, etc. When the indoor environment, cool tone corresponding should choose light-colored wooden doors, such as contaminated white, white maple. Wooden doors and the color of the furniture should be closer to a classmate sets dumb color consistent to have a correspondence contrast with the wall color. With the color of the ground to keep the same color, but it is best not consistent, in order to avoid the ground with walls turbid, weakened the sense of living room space. Large sunny room deep black walnut, oak color, rich red, you can choose to create a more stable atmosphere, the color itself is beautiful no right and wrong. All in with the coordination. A good match can be the icing on the cake of your bedroom aesthetic effect.


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